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A party where many men sit around hoping for someone else to call call girls from their cell phones, when in fact none of them know any hot women. Usually, they end up participating in drunk masturbation on the internet when they get back to their dorm/apartment.
"Man, this is a total sausage fest. I'm just gonna drink my coors light and beat of to broadband porno."
by Brandon October 21, 2004

Desribing Something Most Wonderful And Great!
I Think I Know Preceisly What I Mean When I Say It's A Schpadoinkle Day!
by Brandon December 14, 2004
v. to take the parts given and figure out how to put them together. this can be in a figurativly or not.

v. to come up with the details once a guideline has been given.

term actually comes from the artworld, particualrly drawing. to do action, alot of cartoonists and drawers will draw the person in a line-contour form. this helps with proportion and what not. Once the guidelines and proportions are done, you draw the actual body, or "flesh", and face and the other details.
1) "ok, the federal government has given us new rules for making telemarketing calls, so we need to flesh out exactly how we'll handle these situations and still make money"

2) the teacher told us how we have to do our final project... i got all my ideas... now i just need to flesh out exactly how i'll do it...!
by brandon October 01, 2004
A plastic bag filled with jell-o or warm fluid of choice. Once filled it is used to jack-off.
Hey Justin you left you fifi bag at my house.
by Brandon June 23, 2004
someone who hogs the chick in the gang-bang
"Man i couldn't get near that ho',that asshog was all up in my space, you feel me?
by Brandon December 05, 2003
the two words most used by iyer. they express nothing but are extremely hilarious and very nice to count. she says a very lot of "isn't it"s everyday, but it is considered almost impossible for her to say two "isn't it"s in one sentence.
We took the test yesterday, isn't it?
It's on the paper, isn't it?
by Brandon February 28, 2004
a penis that is perfectly round and flat, like a plate.
Stop eating off your whhaer, you don't want to get it dirty just after you polished it.
by Brandon April 14, 2004

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