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agg means cool, badass or sweet...ect. When talking, use the word agg instead of cool.
|_..._...______===|=||_|__|...,.... ]
"(@)'(@)"""" |(@)(@)(@)(@)
Truck in Agg mode.
by Brandon May 28, 2004
A type of candy that many young suburban teenagers take in some un expected grandparent's bacement to enlighten their day for a good 8 hours.
I was tripping too had on those triple c and i had to sit down and smoke a bowl.
by Brandon November 12, 2004
One half of the famous rap duo G-Note and Wooded Z.
Their album "Blinguistics" has been rapidly thriving in circulation around the internet and the buzz around the album hasn't been seen since Kanye West's "College Dropout".
Lyric Quotation from G-Note & Woooded Z's "Pop Kulcha" -

Wooded Z:
And my big black rhyme-dog, my man G-Note, He gets as violent as Quintin Tarantino, If you call him pop, cause he's rap for real, ulike these manufactured teeny sluts like Hilary & Seal
by brandon February 26, 2005
See also: idiot, buffoon, fool, intellectually underdeveloped, mongoloid, deserved rape victim
Dan tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the bridge and only ended up with a broken leg. An optimist walks up and says "Well, at least he didn't die."
by Brandon March 17, 2005
In general, a deformed penis.
His chode dangled disgustingly over his taint.
by Brandon July 23, 2006
A line from the poorly translated sega genesis game, zero wing, also used in counter-strike when the opposing team plants the bomb.
I was just eating my lunch when, "somebody set us up the bomb."
by Brandon April 15, 2005
To grab somebody, usually a person of the opposite sex, by the back of the head and press their face such that their nose is firmly sealed against your asshole. You then break wind, making a "snare drum" sensation that is pleasant for both parties.
Guy 1: Why does Cindy's have shit in her nostrils?

Guy 2: You didn't hear? We were pounding that loud-ass snare drum all night long.

Guy 1: Sweet-ass dude. I'm happy for both of you.
by Brandon March 22, 2004

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