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its a half an ounce of bud, or 14 grams. usually sells for $150, just make sure you dont get caught with that shit or itll become a federal case and youll get screwed for distribution, otherwise its a good deal cuz your practically payin $10 a dub, allowing you to make $280 on it
Nick just comped a half ounce that hes gonna sell to buy an ounce.
by brandon March 04, 2005
Not a real word since it sounds exactly the same as "you aren't".
You aren't going to do that are you?
by Brandon November 13, 2003
1. Smoking you tires
2. Mass amounts of fire power
1. Dude, your car has 500 horsepower, LIGHT EM UP.
2. Theyve got us pinned down, LIGHT EM UP
by Brandon August 12, 2004
Refers to all that is crazy. It's kinda like a back-woods slang word.
"Throw thatlure in da' water; it'll make all da' fish go caddywhompus!"
by Brandon November 17, 2004
a greedy person, skinny or fat as long as they can't stop eating
You're eating again? thats FAT
by Brandon August 07, 2004

those punk/ska fucks from seymour,ct.
you know what band really brings the rock?
by brandon January 09, 2005
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