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Vernacular Black English for someone from the same city as the speaker; now used by young urban whites as well.
Yo, homie, what it is?
by Brandon December 10, 2003
When a person is disgusted or just plain annoyed by what someone else is saying; just tell them "a'ight...blah"!
What are you talking about man? A'ight blah!
by Brandon November 29, 2004
What's up
Whup g-dog/homie/slicey/dude
by Brandon June 07, 2004
a device they use in the military in order clean each others foxholes with. They also use the term to insult each other with.
hey general jackson, you are being a real douche baggus maximus.
by Brandon November 10, 2003
Abbrev for John Boy Walton (aka JG, Gorst or Sheesh). Typically found in a bar wobbling and staring at women.
"Fancy another 6 pints JBW?"
by Brandon September 02, 2003
A person of no importance.
Hey gibby how are you today
by Brandon August 13, 2004
its a half an ounce of bud, or 14 grams. usually sells for $150, just make sure you dont get caught with that shit or itll become a federal case and youll get screwed for distribution, otherwise its a good deal cuz your practically payin $10 a dub, allowing you to make $280 on it
Nick just comped a half ounce that hes gonna sell to buy an ounce.
by brandon March 04, 2005

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