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A person who wanks alot... Look up wanker
Kevin pitura is a wankster
by Brandon October 31, 2004
When a man is so fat, Obese, that when he looks down he cannot find his male genetals, or the penis, so he has to use a mirror
Your mother
by brandon March 12, 2004
After having anal sex make the person taken it in the ask give the fuge packer a blow job.
After Andy gave Tim anal Tim gave Andy and Analblow.
by Brandon February 09, 2004
Italiano Meaning of "Understand?" Often used by popular Mafioso bosses like John 'Dapper Don' Gotti
You fuckin piece of shit,you come around here again ya dead,capisce?!
by Brandon December 05, 2003
A student who is totally a 1337 h4x0r who currently attends Fleming Island Highschool. He comepletely pwns you all In Warcraft 3, Halo 2, and In everyday life. Compared to Blazinweed (teh brandon), you all suck hard.

Also referred to commonly as God
Dude, its teh 1337 Blazinweed! Bow down before he liek killzz us all!!
by Brandon April 06, 2005
To shit and vomit simultaneously.
As Andy knows, it is very difficult to do the deed and not make a mess.
by Brandon March 05, 2005
o word sum fag seys in the middle of class
this kid named robbie is takinga piss n looks down n seys wha where i go
by Brandon February 24, 2005

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