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199 definitions by Brandon

Quickly drinking an alcoholic beverage and then passing it to a partner. Follow the procedure until the alcoholic beverage is finished
Hey Whitney, do you want to cannonball this beer?
by brandon February 01, 2004
24 35
Snoop Dog
the pimp hand is why strong
by Brandon November 24, 2003
5 16
Girl that loves to play games and have fun, also loves to be cute and funny. Has a great personality.
_____ MuffinBuns... you know
by Brandon November 16, 2004
4 16
I big fat girl
A fat blonde girl that walk like a walrus and has teeth like one a smells like on and eats fish
by Brandon February 09, 2004
3 15
funky smell from vaginal disorder or disease.

also see: rotten twatt
Kathy hasn't taken a shower in a week... That bitch is got da funk!
by Brandon March 21, 2005
6 19
Can also mean a chinese person who has moced to america and has a chinese accent
He's an americhin because he has a chinese accent
by Brandon January 14, 2005
3 16
my nickname for a really really hot chick
meg "bunnie" towns is hottie
by Brandon September 18, 2004
28 41