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Holmdel is a town in New Jersey. Most people know of it only because of the PNC Bank Arts Center. Holmdel has huge houses, each with a basketball hoop even if there are no kids living in the house. While driving you'll see THE nicest cars until a random deer decides to pop out of nowhere. If you live in Holmdel you know of the following: BestBuy, the smell of skunk, how to illegally access the parkway, roadkill, the mysterious Emu one town over that are supposed to be extinct, HHS sucks, the red flashing lights on Bethany for the train don't necessarily mean stop because the damn train takes an hour to get there - but who is stupid enough to try and cross the tracks with the arms down anyway, there is a local Sears you pass by every now and then, but never go in, you've gone well over the speed limit on South Holland, and your business is everyone else's in a matter of five seconds. The best things to do in Holmdel are ... oh, that's right, nothing.
In Holmdel your best friend is boredom.
by brandon April 05, 2005
An amazing wondeful beautiful woman with high sself respect ... will let no one bring her down
My self asteem is so low i wish i could be like Dasha
by Brandon May 22, 2004
Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which, several levels of recursion later, solves the real problem you're working on.
by Brandon April 04, 2005
best rappers in the world
5 of the worlds truest thugs, TRUES HUMBLY UNITED GATHERING SOULS....daily!

The "ORIGINAL" thugs
Bone is the shit, best believe they will take your life if they have to.

Down with bone now and forever
there music is my gospel music
by Brandon April 22, 2004
kinda like holy shit or jebus christ
oh jiminy christmas
by brandon February 17, 2005
Sexy, perfect, beautiful
Rachael can only be described as a Sentra.
by Brandon March 18, 2005
A cry to confuse security guards when tryiong to sneak into an unauthorized area.
"Japan four. The shamshee? Japan four!" Tom Green - Freddy Got Fingered
by Brandon March 11, 2004

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