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(n) an extremely hairy crotch.
sue - the dude had a total fur diaper, it felt like I was sexin a bath mat.
by brandon September 03, 2003
(v.)(Slang/Informal) To give a of lack details and/or display an absence of common courtsey towards another.
Don't go camping with him, he'll uncle-ray you and you won't know what's going on.
by Brandon May 15, 2004
What happens when Nate tries to spell when sleep deprived.
I wish I was cool enough to partooken in that activity.
by Brandon October 10, 2003
adj. having the ability to be bullshitted. making answers up due to lack of knowledge.
That essay test is BS-able.
by Brandon March 04, 2005
A female who has a smelly cooch.
I was at the store picking up some ground beef to make tacos when i walked by some female with a horrendous odor, so i said "Damn bitch! You are schmellay!".
by Brandon December 10, 2004
A man who eats his womans pussy, and usually enjoys doing so, provided that her stuff doesnt smell.
Damn, my girl was just begging for a box lunch....i didnt mind giving her one
by Brandon October 21, 2004
an expletive. on sight, causing you to be nauseous. to see something that causes you to become sick.

From my Portuguese grandma, Bernice.
Nunge! the kid's snot is dripping down his face into his mouth!
by Brandon August 19, 2004

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