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A very major state university that offers a wide array of degree programs and opportunities. From law school, to medical school and just about everything in between. Students at Texas Tech think that its funny when Aggies are so insecure about how bad we beat them at sports, that they resort to talking down our academics and studies. A rather sad defense mechanism.

On a brighter note, our women are gorgeous. Hands down the best looking out of any Big 12 school. The nightlife is fantastic, our athletics program (particularly football) is among the best in the country and is a major contender every year to win the Big 12.
Mike: "Hey, did you watch that ass kicking that Tech handed A&M last night?"

Sarah: "Yeah, but i turned it off at halftime because i couldn't stand to watch A&M get embarrassed like that"

Texas Tech football has been one of the most successful programs in the Big 12 since 2000. Ahead of A&M since then.
by Brando TTU August 15, 2007

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