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26 definitions by Brandi

when a guy masturbates
Man she was so hot, i had to go to the bathroom just to beat the rap.
by Brandi February 06, 2003
2 11
Not the TV show or Orange County but Oak Cliff...the most ghetto city in Dallas.
Oak Cliff dat's my hood...
by Brandi March 29, 2005
19 31
1) small marshmellows in the shape of bunnies or ducks.

2) the ignorants persons way to say people.
1) served around easter, given out in little boxes, you've all seen them

2).... I can't bear to even use peeps in a sentence when refering to people.
by brandi December 15, 2003
117 131
Nice ass: very lovable: awesomely cute: 6 pack horse!
Man, this horse is a true Crack er' Jack!

I love you Crack er' Jack!
by Brandi June 07, 2003
2 17
aonther name for the movies or theatre
im goin to the show ta see that new movie
by Brandi January 01, 2004
17 33
strangely enough this word rhymes with blue balls. could the connection be that they are both not real?
He claimed he had blue balls, but i just called him santa clause and laughed.
by brandi February 10, 2003
4 34
Smoking what you dont smoke
You must be smoking hubbas
by Brandi July 30, 2003
13 46