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when a male places his balls over another mans eyes, and his penis over his nose to make a mask out of his genitalia..works best with passed out friend. In no way gay.
man we got a picture of me giving that guy a french facemask last nite after the bar
by Branden Warner August 14, 2006
a short-form for the words FUCK YOU...others include CALL YOU.."fuck all of you"...and KOFF...."fuck off"
Teacher: Matt Do a Lap.
Matt: Q
Teacher: what did you say
Matt: KOFF
by Branden Warner August 14, 2006
when a female OR male takes about 8 mexican cocks cumming on his/her face during an orgy
Aubrey got Mexican Bukkake last nite...wut a fag
by Branden Warner August 14, 2006
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