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A game that is extremely addicting. Unless you have played other DDR games, even if you unlock all the songs and characters in DDR extreme, YOU WILL STILL SUCK AT THE OTHER VERSIONS OF THE GAME. I still blame it on the programmers for not putting any songs in that have those eighth note steps. Also, that Legend of Max song is nearly impossible unless you're one of those loser people that have no life and play this game constantly. like me.
Guy 1: Hey have you ever played dance dance revolution?

Guy 2: Yeah, I felt like a loser at the arcade though when I failed a beginner song.

Guy 1: I'm right there with you
by Branded for Life June 17, 2005
Words you use sarcastically when someone is bothering you. They don't really get it but it really means you either want them gone or dead and possibly buring in a hole somewhere outside of town.
Rich: Hey! what's up!? You know, you should really go out with Alyssa

Me: fun stuff *under breath* die!

Rich: what was that?

Me: nothing
by Branded for Life June 17, 2005

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