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A fake sex position that you tell your buddies you did with a chick so they think you're the man.
Tom: "Hey dude I would totally give that chick the texas-handstand!"
by Brandaminator October 05, 2006
When a chick's tits are so small feeling her chest is like attempting to read braille.
"Man her tits are so small, I may have to learn to read braille before I nail her!"

(Thus feeling her up is like reading braille)
by Brandaminator October 02, 2006
The act of jumping up in the air, grabbing your ankles and proceeding to land on your knee caps
Nick was so pissed he gave himself the gatsby.
by Brandaminator August 17, 2007
When you feel a rumbling in your stomach, you run to the bathroom, sit down, and BOOM! its drops like a bomb! Baum is slang for the word "Bomb."
Ben:"Man I had a total Plotz Baum today!"
by Brandaminator October 09, 2006
The correct way to spell "Tushy".
Nicole: tushy
Brandon: don't you mean tooshie?
by Brandaminator July 20, 2008
One of the most popular wrestlers of the late 80's and early 90's. The posterboy for a wrestler who is all show and no talent. His wrestling ability consist of him running mad-sprint to the ring(usually tiring himself out before the match) then proceeding to shake the ropes as hard as he can. Once the match actually started his greeness was very apparent. The man couldn't even perform his trademark move correctly and actually hurt other wrestlers in doing so. The reason why the Warrior was so popular was plain and simple...he looked cool. Complete with a cut muscular body he also had huge feathered hair which would have made Bon Jovi jealous. He had a streamers flailing from his arms and bright colored facepaint. The Warrior has been noted as a strange man, yes his name is legally The Warrior. To say the least the Ultimate Warrior is or was the worst Heavyweight Champion ever!
Ha, Ultimate Warrior fucked up another move!
by Brandaminator October 09, 2006

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