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Possibly one of the most amazing and underrated emocore bands from Ridgewood NJ(Better Recognize). See these guys live. Their lyrics are amazing and the instrumental aspect is insane.
Senses Fail is one of the greatest bands out there!
by BrandNizzle311 March 18, 2004
The Movielife, the best band to have ever walked the earth (Now Extinct) was once believed to walk on water and heal the blind. They were believed to part the red sea and perform miracles on stage. What they accomplished can never be duplicated. (see also God.
Roberta: Hey Shaniqua, The MovieLIFE walked on water, today!

Shaniqua:I'd believe it!
by BrandNizzle311 April 13, 2004
A greasy raul is when a greasy ass mexican kid tongues your grundle while you're having severe diarrhea. The defication gets all over his rarely washed greasy mexican hair.
Raul gave the big jim train a greasy raul in the handicapped stall.
by BrandNizzle311 March 18, 2004

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