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1. A character in Robinhood (but spelled wrong).

2. Referring to the small size of a man's penis.
1. "Little John's not little at all, is he?"

2. "Man, we was ready to git down and then he whips out his Lil' Jon."
by Brainiac January 08, 2005
Hispanic slang term for the name "Jimmy".
"Hey Chimmy! Where you goin', man?"
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
A hermaphrodite who is really, really, really cool.
"That's the coolest dudey I've ever seen."
by Brainiac January 07, 2005
Term used to identify a snitch in the hood.


A narc.
"Yo. You know that dude?"
"Yeah. He's catch22, man."
by Brainiac January 07, 2005
A word used by parents (usually after they accidentally injure themselves) who don't yet want their children to hear them cursing.
"Owwww! Mother...uh...humbucker!"
by Brainiac January 08, 2005
The term used by people who have an echocardiogram, but can't remember or pronounce the word "echocardiogram".
"What did you do today?"
"I had a ... a ... heartagram thingy today."
by Brainiac January 08, 2005
Slang for "The slaying of innocent people."
?George Bush is killing kittens in Iraq while ignoring North Korea."
by Brainiac January 07, 2005

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