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A term used in the diagnosis of idiots by medical professionals. Often associated with people who have no sense of evolution or the evolving of mankind (and womankind) into a higher-functioning being (see also low-IQ and homophobes).
Doctor: "So, Mr. Dope, why are you afraid of homosexuals."
Patient: "Because the bible says they're wrong! It has to be true if the bible and the church say it's wrong! Just like women can't be priests and the sun revolves around the Earth!"
Doctor: "Oooookkkaaaay." (Writing in his chart. Diagnosis: Idiotism)
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
is an amazing person who is fun to be around and has a great laugh. Is a loyal and smart friend.
Woah you've got a great personality, kind of like a ridmi!
by brainiac March 23, 2013
The act of lighting one's farts on fire.
"Watch this flame-o..."
by Brainiac January 07, 2005
1. The speed (falsely shown by utilizing filming techniques) at which James Bonds' cars travel.

2. A type of alcohol; stronger than moonshine.
1. "Sit back and hang on, Octopussy! We're traveling lightning007 speed now!"

2. "Sheeit. That moonshine is fer pussies. Try this here lightning007. It'll peel the skin off yer esophagus."
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
The love handles usually associated with old age, but which can erupt at any time on someone who eats McDonald-like meals on a regular basis.
"Did you see the fatty patty on that guy!"
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
1. A little known section of the colon (just past the Appendix) where large blasts of flatulence can hide for days before bursting forth with great fervor.

2. Also, see Ed in "Shaun of the Dead".
1. "Excuse me, I had a bean burrito last week and...uh-oh...here it comes out of my fartbank!"

2. "I'm sorry, Shaun."
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
Term used to describe those men that carry condoms in their wallets.
"You got a condom in your wallet?"
"Of course. I'm a sockmember, dude."
by Brainiac January 08, 2005

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