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4 definitions by Braiden Donaven

noun; a somewhat mythical creature believed to originate from southern Singapore.

The Paracorn is described as a paraplegic unicorn usually colored white and most commonly have their front legs replaced by wheels.

The Paracorn is closely related to the Paracornagus.
Devon: Is that a paraplegic unicorn?

Richard: Ahh, yes. A Paracorn
by Braiden Donaven May 17, 2010
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noun; A mythical creature originating from the northern regions of Singapore said to be colored brown and covered in hickey's because its amazingly hot and sexy horse-like body.

The Paracornagus is described as a Paraplegic unicorn with Pegasus like wings.

The Paracornagus is closely related to the Paracorn.
Devon: is that a paracorn?

Richard: No! its got wings, it must be a paracornagus
by Braiden Donaven May 17, 2010
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use of which one is in a situation where 'black' and 'maximum' are used one after another
Martin Luther King Jr. had blaximum support
by Braiden Donaven March 18, 2010
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LJ=Location Joke, Referring to when someone would say 'you had to be there' at the location of which the first element of funny happened.
James: I cant get this thing in

Beth: Just like Josh hahaha

Jodie: I dont get it?

Beth: LJ
by Braiden Donaven March 18, 2010
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