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A bropaque bro is a bro who practically emanates bro from his sweat glands; he is easily discernible as a bro from first glance.
Dude 1: Whenever he meets new bros, he always takes the check for the booze!

Dude 2: Bro, that bro is so bropaque I can hardly see past him.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
1. Any location or environment (dorm, house, campgrounds, etc.) in which bros can be bros and can bro it up to almost no extent.

2. A service dealing with strictly bro-to-bro contact, correspondence, or exchange. Includes otherwise open social networking sites in which the user only adds bros as contacts.
1. Dude 1: Why does everyone call Mike's place the Brost Office?

Dude 2: Because there's no rules, no neighbors, and all the booze you could ever dream to have.

2. Dude 1: Did Jim tell you when the party's at?

Dude 2: (logging in to Facebook) I'll check my Brost Office right now and see.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
Compliance with the Bro Code.
Dude 1: Pierson really has to work on his brobedience; I saw him trying to make a move on Jesse's girl the other night.

Dude 2: That's low...If he doesn't shape up soon, he's out of the brolationship.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
A condition where broing it up so much eventually leads to a ridiculously huge gut.
Dude 1: Bro, Jim got huge since last year! What happened to him?

Dude 2: Jim's been broing it up hardcore bro. His pizza to workout ratio is way too big, a common cause of brobesity.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
To accept a bro-related offer or task from a bro without hesitance.
Dude 1: Hey bro, can you pick up the drinks? I can give you some cash.

Dude 2: Sure, I'll be happy to broblige.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
1. A bro who was shunned or has otherwise dissociated from a group of what he thought was bros, but turned out to be douches, leaving himself to be a bro without bros.

2. A bro who is new to the area and has yet to find other bros to bro it up with.
Dude 1: That guy seems super chill, why doesn't he have any bros?

Dude 2: Bro, he's a brorphan; his former "bros" all took turns with his girl behind his back.

Dude 1: Ouch...Hey, let's bro it up with him a little to cheer him up.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012
A bro that sticks with you for years without breaking the Bro Code. You might eventually lose contact with a permabro, due to moving, etc., but your brolationship remains strong regardless.
Dude 1: Should you really be trusting Nick with your keg before tonight?

Dude 2: Don't worry man, he's a permabro; you could even trust this guy with your wallet and girlfriend.
by Brahfizzle April 30, 2012

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