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Creating situations to generate income and attention from sponsorship and press using a false or fraudulent platform.

Such situations can and may include:

Planning and undertaking a fake engagement and wedding.
Secretly assisting in the release of a Sex Tape featuring you.
Appearing on a show about dancing, when you can't dance.
I can't believe I paid one million dollars to release the first photos of this wedding after it turned out to be fake, this is such a Kardashian Scheme.
by Bradley Laborman November 02, 2011
Sending out a message with a link to a video or website, when in reality the link is to a video of the Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA Video... Similar to a "rickroll" but with a sadder result.
I thought I was going to see a "Two girls One Cup" but this is totally an ASPCA video and now I am crying!! Thanks a lot got ASPCARolling me!
by Bradley Laborman December 02, 2011

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