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a social vampire of sorts. a guy who is so desperate to have sex that he will do anything within his power to make sure that you don't.
Man, I was at the bar the other night getting ready to take Susan home, when all of a sudden Ron, the "Cock Blockula" steps in with a story about his dog dying!
by bradlay July 10, 2008
A girl who sucks you off, then circles the head with her tongue while you come.
man, that Liz sure is a jizz-twizzler! I shot like a helicopter last night!
by bradlay July 10, 2008
A collection of duck butter that has accumulated at the ball-sack and become a disgusting, sludge-like material that reeks of taint, underarms, and stale doritos.
His duck sludge could put an orangutan off!
by Bradlay July 10, 2008
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