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1.Electronics A minute slice of a semiconducting material, such as silicon or germanium, doped and otherwise processed to have specified electrical characteristics, especially before it is developed into an electronic component or integrated circuit.
2. Series of wires integrated into some form of technological device.
3. Also can be considered as Porn for nerds.
Nerd 1: "OMG I took apart my laptop just to see the microchip."
Nerd 2: "0 g05h 7h47 15 50 n4ugh7y y0u p3rv3."
by Bradford J.F Soriano November 29, 2008
An internet chat lingo character that symbolizes a big giant face with Boxing Gloves on. Kinda looks like kirby.
Rarely used because it takes too damn long to type.
N3wbz0rs: I'm selling Newb Armor for 11k
cupcake_princess54: haha
LarryTheLobster: Hmmm, I'll buy for 9k
Kirby: Q(0_0Q)
N3wbz0rs: What the Heck..?
LarryTheLobster: ??? o.0
Kirby: Q(0_0Q)
N3wbz0rs: What is that..?
LarryTheLobster: I dun know o.0 Never seen it before...
cupcake_princess54: haha
LarryTheLobster: Shut up newb!! >:(
by Bradford J.F Soriano December 26, 2008
Someone who likes to bite fingers.
"Charlie Bit me!"
by Bradford J.F Soriano November 29, 2008

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