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3 definitions by Brad Willmot

Inala, QLD, Australia
Brad: hey guyz i got a story for ya
DoOds: yeah?
Brad: yeah i went for a walk and found myself in the shithole of the world...
DoOd: You mean Inala?
Brad: Yeh
by Brad Willmot September 02, 2004
a VERY large and UNUSUALLY hairy individual from Corinda State High School, QLD, Australia. hang around with poor ppl with bed sheets for front doors.... Lives in INALA aka the shithole of the world.
Brad (last year @ school): OMG ITS A HAIRY flamingo
Mr Kennedy: yeah i know her, that georgia.....
Mr Morrison: I Left the school :)
Mrs Walton: yeah, when did we become a zoo here people?!?!?!?!
by Brad Willmot September 02, 2004
ye olde card game in which the objective is to be the first person to Snap! your hand on duplicate cards.....
we were playing snap! so fast that we missed 4 matches :(
by Brad Willmot September 05, 2004