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The late and great. Political commedian/philospher who's topics include, but certainly not limited to:
Proposing a reality show where the objective is to simply hunt and kill Billy Ray Cyrus
Making pot not only legal, but manditory
Questioning, everything, everyone, all the time.
Talking about hidden government agendas and motives.
The simple right of being in control of your body, from what you do to it, what is done inside it and what you do to your own state of consciousness.

Died in 1994 from lung cancer. Inspired bands such as Tool and Radiohead and is listed and regarded as one of the greatest stand ups of all time.
"I just picked up the new Bill Hicks DVD today."
"did you?"
"yeah, i'm going to go pry open my third eye and realize how we're all one shared consciousness experiencing itself subjectively"
by Brad Wilk February 21, 2005
Spoken abbreviation for VW. Please see VW for a background of Volkswagen.
I love my v-dub, which is better than your cavalier. sorry.
by Brad Wilk February 21, 2005
The most extreme version of a scenester. If you're listening to a band that has sold more than 200 copies, expect one of these people to come at you with a fury that can only be caged by their children's medium sized little league jersey. Usual evidence is a yoga mat that has been used twice, clove cigarettes and an old school nintendo with just zelda that still has the gamestop price tag on it. Highest density known to be found around the Emerson College campus.
"I bumped into another scenester fuck on the street today."

"Did you? What happened?"

"Nothing happened to me, but he fell over and broke his new iPod. He told me he was going to run me over in his Mom's landrover"
by Brad Wilk February 18, 2005

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