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N. An asshole and uber-pwner, someone who needs to kill somebody in a video game and then tea bag their body. May used terms like "lawl", "pwned/pwnt", or even "WHAT THE EFFF!!!"

V. The act of taking somebody's skull out of their head and to beat them to death with it.
"You are such a fucking Noqurs."
"OMG he is Noqursing him! Is that physically possible?"
by Brad Tyler June 10, 2008
1st n. a large terd

2nd n. a man whose breathe smells like Pot

3rd n. a camper that sits in the corner with a silencer getting head shots.
I need to take a huge Dubski!

Wow you have Dubski breathe.

What the eff! Where is Dubski hiding now?!?!!1
by Brad Tyler June 11, 2008
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