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A person whose grandparents have all passed away; a person with no grandparents.
After all four of his grandparents died from food poisoning at the family reunion, Steve became a grandorphan.
by Brad Roar! January 18, 2009
The feeling of irritability one gets from hunger
Sorry I treated you so poorly while I was dieting; I was just so hungrumpy!
by Brad Roar! June 07, 2011
1) Continuing to watch the same channel because you can't find the remote and are too lazy to manually change the channel.

2) Continuing to watch a show that you don't really enjoy, just because you always have.
EXAMPLE 1: I didn't plan to watch that show, but I had watched the one before it and televisionertia set in.

EXAMPLE 2: I didn't even like "Heroes" that much in its first season but I can't stop watching - it's a classic case of televisionertia!
by Brad Roar! March 27, 2009

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