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see liar narcissist. A derivative of the word dangle beef. When being a complete asshole and staring at oneself in the mirror AND when cheating on one's girlfriend, one is a Mangle Beef.
Fuckin' Mangle Beef. He's ruining my life.
by Brad Riley June 08, 2006
A term of endearment used in the Greenwoods of Alburg Vermont. Generally this term is used by men with one or two teeth and a rusted row boat. The prefered drink of choice by these people are Bush 40's. Favorite cig...Pall Mall. Their neighbors may have pigs living in their houses.
aye tell ya what dud. Check this out dud. How much of this you think aye'll eat dud?

dud. dud. dud. dud.

duddy duddy.
by Brad Riley June 08, 2006
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