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1.) A word in which some loser pondered, or stole, after listening to a Dane Cook CD in which he mentions working for the BK Lounge (Burger King). Only this time rendered for McDonalds and far less creative. Loser.
Hey friends I don't have, what did you think about my definition on urban dictionary?

You fag, your definition was nothing more than a mere M D Lounge.
by Brad Pinto December 02, 2005
Noun. The act of awakening in absolute astonishment to yourself doing any of the following:

- wetting the bed, pretty much standard and definitely the most common of nature's alarm clocks.

- ejaculating, also known as nocturnal emmissions; most commonly found with young pubescent men who have not yet mastered the fine art of masturbation, or just weird fucks who don't masturbate for some god foresaken reason.

- shitting, definitely the rarest and most frightening of all of nature's alarm clocks. Don't ask me how this happens but rumor says that it is most commonly experienced in things called fraternity houses.
Young Man: "I just woke up and my weiner was glued to my leg, and I had this bizarre feeling of euphoria and relaxation."

Knowledgable Elder: "Oh, don't worry youngster, nothin' to fret about thats just Nature's Alarm Clock telling you its time to get up and apparently do some laundry."
by Brad Pinto February 04, 2006
noun. Stemming from the Riverport Ampitheatre (UMB) in St. Louis, MO, where they sell only one size of beer at the concession stands but for some reason call it a "Jumbo Beer". Such a way of thinking is hypocritical because there is no Regular-sized beer of which to make a comparison in size. This word originated from beer but can be used in many other circumstances as well.
Concert Patron: "I'll have a beer, please."

Beer Jockey: "That will be $10, kind sir."

Concert Patron: "I just wanted a regular beer."

Beer Jockey: "We only have Jumbos."

Concert Patron: "You can't only have jumbos, or larges, or smalls, because, then its not a jumbo at all. Its a regular."

Beer Jockey: "I guess I don't understand."

...after ten minutes of agonizing debate...

Concert Patron: "Alright, fine just give me a god foresaking Riverport Jumbo already."
by Brad Pinto February 04, 2006

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