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Pants that were popular in the 80's and resembled the kungfu pants worn by Bruce Lee in ENTER THE DRAGON (Warner Bros:1973).
BRUCE LEE wore tapered pants a decade before anyone else.
by BRAD O'LEE January 29, 2009
Someone who tries to learn BRUCE LEE's art of JEET KUNE DO via DVDs or books rather than from a certified JKD instructor.
Brad is the best Cheat Kune Doist I have ever seen. He might even be able to defeat an actual Jeet Kune Doist!

He's Bad, he's Rad -- he's BRAD!!!
by Brad O'Lee January 21, 2009
A Student or Master of Bruce Lee's martial art Jeet Kune Do.
Eric Paulson (pro MMA fighter & instructor) is a Jeet Kune Doist.
by Brad O'Lee January 21, 2009
KRUDDY = slang for KARATE. Used by MMAers to ridicule karate's ineffectiveness in real fighting.
Billy got his ass kicked Jake the wrestler. Billy is a black belt in Kruddy.
by Brad O'Lee February 28, 2009
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