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A massive turd usually found on the floor in a public bathroom most commonly covered in a glaze of male ejaculate.
1. Hey I just left a Vietze in there, the thing was like the length of my forearm!!

2. Hey you want to have rough anal sex, then I'll go leave a Vietze in the Wallgreens bathroom.
by Brad McGreggor April 04, 2007
n. The male sex organ, usually means a "Dick"

1. Dude, your such an Atwater!
2. I put my Atwater in a bowl of pudding last night.
by Brad McGreggor April 04, 2007
Atwater Immune Deficiency- a virus contracted from contact with a person from a third world country or New Prague, MN.
OMG! I GOT T3H AIDs!!!1!

Dude, don't touch that guy out in the hallway, he'll give you AIDs!
by Brad McGreggor April 04, 2007
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