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A Fkin sexy mohter fucker who plays counter-strike with the mother fucking best. He's at the top of hhis league
Brad Jackson
by Brad Jackson August 11, 2003
Being clumsy, but with your mind. Could also be used to describe being clumsy and drunk at the same time.
I'm feeling a wee bit dumsy this evening
by Brad Jackson January 12, 2006
A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. Can also be used as a substitute for almost all modern day positive slang. Also see "boo-yizzle".
Dude, I totally just did your mom! BOOYAH!
by Brad Jackson May 15, 2003
See "booyah". To express ones excitement, joy, or triumph in a method a Snoop-o-logy.
This is gonna be off da hizzle foshizzle, my dizzle. BOO-YIZZLE!
by Brad Jackson May 15, 2003
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