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Are on average about 6 inches. Now can we please move on as a culture?
"YO my dicks like 12 inches"

"Dude.... let us be real here..."
by Brackers21 October 30, 2011
The act of being dust. Originated from the acts of Emanuel Juracic, also know as Manny, who is a very dusty child.

The act of running away from a fight you initiated.
Guy one: "Wanna fight?!?!?!"

Guy two: "...okay?!"

Guy one: "oh... umm never mind"

Guy two: "dude... you are totally #PullingSomeMannyShit"
by Brackers21 December 11, 2011
A must follow on Twitter

"Lets get him verified"
"Yo are you following @Brackers21 on twitter?


"bro it's a must"
by Brackers21 October 30, 2011

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