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2 definitions by Bracey McGee

a little more cushion for the pushin' on the neck. frequents bass players who quit bands and then have nothing to do for awhile. so they work at hardware stores and accumulate the neck mass. but no matter how big the goiter gets, we still love them forever.
"Did you just see him?"
"Yeah. Looks like he's got a goiter.Gross."
"Good. More goiter love for me."
by Bracey McGee December 01, 2007
a specially slected girls (twats).
Criteria (you must fit one or all):
- you look like a horse
- you smoke while wearing tights
- you are a midget in love with a goiter
- you are ugly
- you drive a minivan
- you date ian
- you love muffins.
"Did you just see her with muffins?"
" Yeah!What a trotting twat."
by Bracey McGee December 01, 2007