13 definitions by Braavosi

1. The stinging cell of a jellyfish
Look! He's been impaled on a nematocyst!
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
One with a long and stupid name. Abbreviated to Em.
Boy, Em, you sure have some long and stupid names.
by Braavosi July 07, 2003
Not a homosexual or a cheater or anything. Originally, Norse god of lies and trickery, father of Fenrir and Hel and the great serpent Jormungand. Loki tricked the blind god Hodur into killing Baldur, and later posed as the giantess Thokk to prevent Baldur's return to life. On Ragnorak, Fenrir will swallow the All-Father, but Odin's son Vidar will tear the great wolf to pieces. Thor will smash Jormungand's head in with Mjolnir, his great hammer, but will be poisoned by the dying serpent and will die after walking nine paces. Hel's fate is not known.
Utgard-Loki's cat is too heavy even for Thor to lift!
by Braavosi May 04, 2003
1. Noun: The greatest invention ever. Of all time. The most holiest of breakfast foods, the light in the age of darkness, the diamond in the rough. The food of champions.
2. Verb: To waffle: to hit a monkey with a small stick made of brass
They were waffling, but the monkeys ran away, so they went to have some waffles.
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
1. The eventual end of a person, the bottom of an arc, the last chapter, the last stand, the loss of life, removal from Earth, the ltimate paradigm shift. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing after it.
oh, here comes Death
hi death
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
1. n (hom-sar) One who has been buried up to his neck and covered in scorpions.
2. n One who is saving the best for last.
"I'm sa-vin' the best for laaast!"
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
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