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A fart produced from the pressure due to holding a fart in for an excessive period of time. Makes the sound g'burgle. Sensations include feeling like your stomach will explode and extreme bloating. Always occurs in the presence of others.
The internal fart erupting in my entrails caused my face to turn red.
by bra bandit October 23, 2005
One who steals bras from girls' dormitories and random apartments in the city and sells them for a living. Operations are conducted worldwide by the BBG, the Bra Bandits Guild. All bra bandits are trained to be equivalently stealthy as ninjas, to have the sense of smell of bloodhounds, and to have the tenacity of pirates.
Sebastian's been raking in a ton of dough ever since he became a bra bandit.
by bra bandit October 23, 2005
The sound your gut makes when you hold flatulence in and it feels like your insides are about to explode. Essentially the sound your entrails make due to an internal fart.
Fah Ting: *g'burgle* Sum Ting Wong Wit Mai Gut.
by bra bandit October 23, 2005
To ask someone what someone is cooking or what is in the works.
Dude: Hey, what's cookin'?
Man: Not much, bra, just some hot dogs, bra.
by Bra Bandit October 23, 2005

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