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2 definitions by Br0wner

Normally a typo you make when you try to spell "L. O. L." out on your keyboard.

Sometimes can be used by emo kids on purpose because they think they're cool with their angled, tye-dye colored pictures on myspace.
Dan - "HAHA!"

Andrew - ";p;!"
Andrew - "lol*"

Dan - ";p;! Brb i have to get my cam to post more hardxcore picz on myspace! Then put more eyeliner on. My away message is up! bye!"
by Br0wner April 15, 2006
Short for lollipop. Also known to be said from some of those fucking dumbasses that dont laugh but instead they spell out the letters "L. O. L." Out loud because they think its cool.(Mainly emo kids)
Dan - "Hey man, wanna go down to K-Mart and suck on some lols? I'm buyin!"

Andrew- "Naw, man. I think im getting bad cavaties from those lols!

Dan - "L. O. L."

by Br0wner April 15, 2006