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hot topic is a store you find at like every fucking mall in america...and in my oppinion...its a good one. people dont go there to rebel...they go there cuz the clothes are cute and they like that style just like the same reasons some ppl shop at abercromie & shit and hollicrap. everyone has different taste. the only reason why hot topic is considered rebellious & unique is b/c they dont sell over priced crap that says the stores names across the chest and butt...everyone who shops there happens have different styles from eachother if u havent noticed.they have good clothes so deal.
hey lets go into hot topic to buy a band tee or something b/c i dont wanna advertise a shitty store across my chest or ass.
by Br0k3nT3nsi0nz x 4 May 02, 2007
emo is mostly a type of music...but i cant say that people arent emo themselves. emo is not a bad thing for every oser who thinks its is. most emo people do not hate the world or themselves at all. some just have shitty lives. emo people are very in touch with their emothions and have major mood swings. they are all really friendly and sweet people. they care about everyone they talk to. they also deeply long for love in their lives and have alot to give. they want more then surface feelings and they weant more out of relationships then just ass. they may listen to loud screaming music or seemingly horrid songs but if u ever take the chance to look at the lyrics...they r accutally really meaningful. not all of them cut either so get that idea outta ur mind. and even if they do...who the fuck cares...r they bothering you? do they try to get u to do it? NO. so leave them be. people really need to stop judging based on stereotypes and images.
maybe black is just their favorite color?
maybe they happen to like wearing tight pants?
who the fuck cares. its their personality that matters most so shut up and stop calling everyone emo...because its not just emo ppl who r called emo everyday...if someone looks depressed ppl go aww man wtf do u look so emo today? its like seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP. let people be who they are and just fucking deal with it.

dont call people emo...its not ur call. EMO ISNT EVEN A REAL WORD in my opinion.
no one is emo unless THEY say they are.

kid - im emo cuz i feel like it...even if it is just a type of music and not even a real word.
other kid - ok fine...its ur life.
by Br0k3nT3nsi0nz x 4 May 02, 2007
a green house that goes both ways.
guy - hey look theres a biodome
dude - yeah that biodome goes both ways...
guy - thats weird.
by Br0k3nT3nsi0nz x 4 May 13, 2007

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