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A better meaning for the word "yes" Usually meaning that not only is the person agreeing to what you've asked but is also excited about it, when said in person it is usually followed by a fist pump It's also much sicker when the words creator Angela says it.
Person 1: "sex?"
Person 2: "yeus"

* Clearly illustrates person 2 is excited about having sexual intercourse *
by Bozzzy January 18, 2009
The pop / soda of your choice after a long intense makeout session. Usually is different from your normal pop / soda choice. And is always to be cold.
I usually drink pepsi, however after a long makeout session with my smokin' hot girlfriend my makeout drink of choice is an ice cold root-beer.
by Bozzzy February 10, 2009
One who only eats / enjoys vagina
Person 1: I enjoy all meats
Person 2: I'm a Vagiterian
by Bozzzy March 18, 2009
Example 1:

When you are responding to a text message (or e-mail) and you get side-tracked or think of something else, and you click send prematurely.

Example 2:

You're typing / texting and you accidentally hit send

Usually doesn't make sense
Sometimes can have negative effects
person 1: So what are you up to this evening?
person 2: I'm go

*Person 2 demonstrates clear example of premature sending*
by Bozzzy May 21, 2009

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