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1 definition by Bozanist

Bozanism is an ancient philosophy which regroups the theories of the Great Bozanist.

It consists mainly into helping people who needs help...Not to give them fish, but to learn them how to fish.
A homeless on the street: 50¢ please!!

A Bozanist walks by one day giving him a box of chocolat. Inside, a piece of paper...and some chocolats.

But what's written? The letter says:
Go to ''x'' restaurant on ''y'' street, you will get a bargain over there, it's 3$ and you get your hungry stomach full for one day!!

The Great Bozanist

PS: The owner is part of Bozanism, so he pays the tax.

This story shows how Bozanism contribus to the society.
by Bozanist July 22, 2008