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The pool of jizz left on a girl's back after pull out and shoot. Can be wiped up with about anything
Man, That back blast on Teet's butt last night looked like an ice-skating rink.
by Boz Scaggert November 04, 2006
A spinstress who smokes doral ultra light 100's and talks like she has sandpaper and sorgum/mollases stuck in her trachea. Usually found around hole-in-the-wall bars and outlying areas of the suburbs, fights like a man and occasionally has teeth missing. Makes frequent visits to tanning salon causing leather skin.
Damn, that cig queen just body slammed old man jamison's boy straight through that pool table, lets get the hell out of here!
by Boz Scaggert November 04, 2006
Mixing ants from two different colonies onto one ant mound. Usually done with a stick after destroying two mounds in close proximity.
Jeff just started a maniac brawl on the levee.
by Boz Scaggert November 04, 2006
A munchkin/pygmy type creature often big-faced, around 2 1/2 feet tall, and adorned in a orange and black leprechaun-like outfit. The Challenger can jump in your window and challenge you to a brawl. Closely related to the Pygmy Scout.
Holy shit!Earl, did you see that Humphry Challenger eating my oatmeal out of the GD trough?
by Boz Scaggert November 04, 2006
When Jason Vorhees pulls you under the water and fondles your testicles, eventually letting you live.
Chris: What Happened to you?

Mike: After that creamy onion, i decided to never get in the water again.
by Boz Scaggert November 04, 2006

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