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1 A vehicle used to try to impress the female gender. Usually a Hummer, Beamer, Mercedes etc.

2 An expensive vehicle to compensate for some other shortcoming.
Justin was cruising in his cunt wagon trying to pick up Jackie.
by Boydman January 13, 2007
Another word for a vagina. Word founded in central Pennsyvania as an alternative to the "bad" words the vagina can be called. Can be used in front of the kids without them knowing the meaning.
We had a blast last night, her hey nano nano was so juicy.
by Boydman January 21, 2007
When a female is in a state of arousal and the lips of her vaginal are swollen and spread apart.
After oral sex as foreplay she was parted and ready for intercourse.
by Boydman January 21, 2007

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