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A person who deliberately causes the breakup in someone's relationship so they can have a go at the other person's partner. Usually they do it to a a close friend which makes them even worse.
I lost my girlfriend to my cake taker so called friend, Rob.
by Boyd M May 18, 2005
1. He is the Australian Prime Minister. He is the leader of the Liberal Party and talks quite funny. He is also known to have very bushy eyebrows and thought to tag along to anything The U.S President, George bush says.

2.This is also used as an insult for anyone who has bushy eyebrows or tags along to anything someone says no matter how idiotic it may be.
1. I voted for John Howard even though he kisses George Bushed arse all the time.

2. Go away! You John Howard, I can't stand your bushy eyebrows.

2. I'm going to go jump off a bridge because someone else told me to. I'm a John Howard.
by Boyd M May 18, 2005
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