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A name given to those born on the furthest colonies of human civilization, after mass space exploration. Such as Antillia, colony on the Jupiter moon Europa, from the Zone Of The Enders game series, created by Konami.
"That boy of the Enders, is always spaced out."
by BoyOfTheEnders August 06, 2008
A term used by people who colonise space, for people born on Earth.
"Those earthers think they are so much better than us."
by BoyOfTheEnders August 06, 2008
Meaning the opposite of mostly anything.
Opposite of Utopia is Dystopia.
Meaning cynical, wrong, toxic, destruction. Vastly used in the industrial and cyber-punk cultures.
Everyone on earth today is so blind, they are all ignoring the backwards c.
by BoyOfTheEnders December 27, 2008
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