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Almost homo, a guy who doesn't know he's gay yet. An ALMO often wonders why a lot of people think he's gay and works really hard to not appear gay. Regardless, a preponderance of evidence points to his homosexual tendencies. For instance, things such as:

* beyond metrosexuality, use of hair tape as a boy in grade school when it started early and sassily "switched up" his middle school uniform

* talks to gay men he meets at 1am for hours "because I'm just friendly"

* obsesses with pride on how much gay men are attracted to him

* cattily assesses fashion faux pas on the street and gets really upset about it

* AND most of all... an ALMO says things like "I get tired of being the dom."
Gay BFF: Ahh honey what's wrong? Did you and Dave break up?

Sad Girl: Uh, I was talking to my mom and other guy friends about some strange behavior, like he often acted like a girl about things, and not in a good way.

Gay BFF: Well, Darlin, he WAS like the woman in the relationship. You totally wore the hot pants in that one.

Sad Girl: Yeah, I think he's an ALMO. Too bad, it was fun, like dating a girlfriend - or you - but not.
by BoyGaGa November 24, 2009

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