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"When something can go wrong, it will go wrong"
- Murphy
I missed my date beaucse of the fucking Murphy Law
by Boy Bros May 12, 2004
Noun:1:A catastrophic situation in which the totality of successive events go wrong for one, many or all individuals involved.2:A period of time in which the Murphy Law is omnipresent.
:Gosh, this is really the fouta-chiasse.
:The movie ended in a fouta-chiasse
by Boy Bros May 12, 2004
noun: The stage in the "petasse" hierarchy before the "full-fledged petasse" (or commonly named : "petasse"). You can reconnise her by the fact that she doesn't know that she is often beacause she is too young to understand.
I think Mary is a protopetasse.
by Boy Bros May 12, 2004

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