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A woman that is such a fucking whore and such a tramp that the only way to describe her is to pair her immense trampness with godzilla, hence tramzilla. This term only applies to those women who have slept with 30 men or more. Or a girl that all your friends did in the butt one night. Either way.
Mike: Dude...i hooked up with Tammy last night, isnt she so hot.

Aaron: No way dude, that bitch is the biggest trampzilla in the greater metro area.
by Bowmaster June 28, 2006
A saying commonly following someone asking one to do an act or job that they do not want to do. Also meaning whatever or i really want to kill you right now but ill do it anyways.
Boss: Hey Billy we need you to come in tomorrow cause we had to let a few people go this week and we need to play a little catch up.

Billy: Thats Fine! (as he walks away)
by Bowmaster June 28, 2006

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