5 definitions by Bowler

girl-woman-bit of pussy
come-ere boy look at the bior over there,she fine!
by Bowler April 03, 2003
1. Someone lacking in intelligence, decency, logic, common sense, originality, taste, morals, female partners, worthwhile traits, marketable abilities, or anything else that would resemble a normal human being.

2. An abnormally small penis.

3. To assram someone until your penis is black and blue and covered with shit.
Hi Im Haloface!

Hi Im Haloface!

Taino, would you please come Haloface me?
by Bowler September 20, 2003
Someone who works in a basement record shop, and can't be bothered to help out a friend in need because they have concert tickets. A fuckstripe is a douche indeed.
Hey, do you happen to know any fuckstripes?

Why yes I do! They went to the Autolux show though. Too bad I'm on this crucifix, or I'd show you where to go.
by bowler February 03, 2005
Drinking isn't cool. Stay in school, fuckstripe.
I can drink all the Pinot Blanc I want, and I'm still not going to get any pussy.
by bowler February 03, 2005
when you do a fart and shit follows out
i had a mean curry last night and im snarting all over the gaff
by Bowler April 03, 2003

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