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When you're really high on meth or when you've been awake so long smoking dope that you're totally outta there! My friend was so twacked out on dope he thought that I was a cop.
I can't understand what the fuck you're saying cuz you're talking 100mph you're so twacked out.

I was so twacked out I thought there were undercover narcotics agents in the van parked across the street.
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
usually refers to crystal meth around here. Also heard it used to refer to heroin
Hey man you got any dope? I'm not ready to go to sleep yet!
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
used to refer to one gram of a product, usually crystal meth.
Hey man, are you holdin' any shit right now? I need a gangster!
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
a glass pipe that has a ball on the end with a small hole. It is rolled between the fingers as you are hitting it.
I just took a hit off the bowlo and blew out a huge cloud!

Hey fool let me hit that bowlo!

Don't put the lighter so close to the bowlo, you're turning it black!
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
crystal meth
Hey man I need some shit, you think I could get a thirty from ya?
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
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