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1 definition by BovineSpongiformEncephalopaty

A term used largely in New Jersey (US) to describe heroin in powdered form. (See also: Heroin )

Derived from the eng. "beautiful", thought to be in reference to how one feels while under the influence of the drug. (Metaphorically, though sometimes actually).

Though the true origin of the term is disputed, most local *ahem*scholars believe that it originated somewhere in the suburbs of Central New Jersey. Contrary to popular belief, the term has absolutely no relation to butane, though that mistake is fairly common.
Fiend 1: Yo we're about to ride up to N Town to cop some beaut, you down?
Fiend 2: Hell yeah, toot-toot for beaut!

Fiend: {pulls out bag} Time to beaut!

Kid 1: What's wrong with John? He looks tired...
Kid 2: Naw, he's just beauted as hell.

Fiend: Yo we got mad bags! Beaut-tastic!
by BovineSpongiformEncephalopaty March 23, 2011