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1 definition by Bourke One Son

An Aussie bogan, yobbo and larrikin. Drinks VB, XXXX, smokes ciggies, and eats Four 'n' Twenty pies at all hours.
Common attire includes flannelette shirt, blue singlet, thongs, an earring and a mullet. Swears frequently and is a wifebeat.
Generally resides in derelict rural towns or with mates in a caravn in Mulwala.
Favourite sayings are; "Skerrn", "Shirk" and "Struth". Can be found with mates Robbo, Dazza and Gazza or his Sheila.
Common ocupations are sheep shearer, fisherman, brick layer, country footy coach or anything that doesn't require an IQ higher than 10.
An avid supporter of cricket and the Collingwood Football Club, but not brushing his three front teeth.

In general, a total bogan.
The kid from Mulwala with Vegemite on his face for 3 days straight was a complete Bevan.
by Bourke One Son September 14, 2008