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A phrase used to label a piece of multimedia (e.g. music, film) as worthless to the point that it is not even worthwhile wasting the small portion of a download limit that is required for it to be played.
Guy 1: Heard u saw Paris's new film, how was it??

Guy 2: Let's just say I wouldn't download it...
by Bourke February 12, 2008
To attempt the act in question.
Guy 1: Someone needs to start the bbq.

Guy 2: Have a chop son!
by Bourke February 12, 2008
To have been given the ass, Aussie slang for getting the sack - being fired.
Guy 1: Word from front office is you're hanging on to your job by a pubic hair, better shape up.

Guy 2: Shut up, i've just got the ass this morning.
by Bourke February 17, 2008

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